Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Green Jobs

The economy is always changing - but lately it seems like the tide is turning against a hydrocarbon-based economy and into more of a "green" one. Whether this translates into more jobs is yet unknown. What is obvious is that our way of life must align itself with Earth's limitations.

The Star Tribune recently had a small article on green economics, and I added some links to this site to assist job-seekers in finding some of these new careers.

Just a couple blocks from my home, at the Little Earth Community, they will be training interested individuals and then installing solar heaters. It appears that re-constructing our society within the confines of renewable resources could mean more jobs. But that is if more of our current resources ( hydrocarbon based) are spent ensuring this happens. We need the momentum to begin now, not after hydrocarbons are unattainable.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Post Carbon Minnesota

Minnesota is entirely too dependent on outside sources for energy. Our lives would be changed significantly if these were taken away. When the price of energy goes up, so does everything else from food to transportation to medical care.

The purpose of this site is to connect Minnesotans to a less energy-intensive future. One where we can hopefully sustain the high quality of life we Minnesotans have come to expect, without hindering those of future generations.

The transition to this future will challenge us all. But starting the journey now will avert the destabilization of our state and mitigate confrontations over resources. We hope you can join us as we move towards a post-carbon Minnesota.